Educational Ideal and Distinction

Educational Ideal and Distinction

The late Mr. Yoshihide SEO, the Founder and School-Father, had an educational goal that went as follows, “”Be the first-ranking person at your given post.モ This may be achieved through the trinity of educators, parents, and society (world). It does not mean to be an overruler of others, but rather to be a useful and indispensable person at his or her given post.

The most important aim of the Sundai Gakuen Senior High School is to educate the youths in accordance with the guiding principles of life set forth in SEO’s moral note, and thus to produce a large number of young men and women, sound in mind and body, strong in character and full of aspirations for purity in private life as well as for a career of useful social service.

We are now surrounded by schools in the neighborhood: primary schools, junior high schools, senior high schools, junior colleges, and colleges. Our Oji district is one of the school zones in Tokyo. The surroundings are comparatively quiet, but great future development is expected.

In our school ground, we have gingko trees, cherry trees, Himalayan cedars, box-trees, camellias, azaleas, chrysanthemums, and other beautiful foliage. They are at their best one after another.

Propriety”” (reigi) and labor”” (kinro) have been our two significant school mottoes. And each boy or girl shall be trained to be a “”first-ranking person at his or her given post.””

Development of individuality― Private schools possess some peculiar traditional features and ingenious educational ideas. At our school each teacher strives hard so that every student may develop his or her special skills and personality.

Connection with social education―even if we might clean indoors, it shall be no good when dust is then thrown away outdoors. Thus school education should go hand in hand with social education. Lasting personal touch and guidance shall be provided even for graduates here at our school.

All-round human character―to lay a sound foundation for a happy future homelife, co-education is positively promoted with satisfactory effects.