Historical Sketch

Historical Sketch

 The Sundai Gakuen Senior High School was originally founded in February, 1932, as The Sundai Commercial School, night school for working youths at Surugadai at Kanda, in the heart of Tokyo. In October, 1938. Mr.Yoshihide SEO was appointed Director-General and Principal. He kept these positions for the rest of his life. Then the school moved to Masagocho, Hongo (Bunkyo Ward). The school grew and prospered but it was completely reduced to ashes by air-raids in May, 1945.

 The students numbered only 20 in those days, but Mr. SEO carried on schooling at his private residence. In April, 1946, Sundai Junior and Senior High School was reopened at a section of the Nichomachi Primary School, Taito Ward. Both day classes and night classes were provided. Coeducation was in operation.

 In April, 1952, the school moved to Iwabuchicho, Kita Ward, and again to Itabashi Ward, in October, 1960. The initial part of the present school building was completed at Oji, Kita Ward, and we moved there in August, 1963. Oji is situated at the extreme north of Tokyo and is very close to the border of Saitama Prefecture. About 850 years ago the Toshima family built their castle in Oji and ruled the surrounding area. But we can scarcely find any traces of the old-time Musashi plain in this neighborhood at present.

 After a while our No.2 building was completed, and the capacity and equipment were considerably extended and improved. The school ground is rather narrow and limited, but we were able to secure a special forest school site at Kita-Karuizawa, Gunma Prefecture.

 Karuizawa is internationally renowned as the No.1 summer resort in Japan. A forest school with a capacity for 250 members has just completed at the site using 20,204 square meters. Our Kita-Karuizawa forest school has a 75cm telescope using all the most advanced technology. Retreating from hot Tokyo in mid-summer, each class of 1st year students may spend 4 days and 3 nights with a group in the cool climate.

 On November 3rd (Culture Day),1966, Mr.SEO Principal was decorated with the 3rd Class Order of Sacred Treasure by the Emperor for his long meritorious services in educational spheres.

 The school has long been highly famed by its moral education and daily discipline. A new astronomical observatory was opened on the roof of the No.2 building. Its 8-inch refracting telescope is the largest owned by any senior high school. It is not only utilized by students for observation and study, but it is also open to the general public. Our astronomy club enrolls members from neighboring high schools and any others who may be interested. Monthly public lecture meetings have been held, dealing with various phases of astronomy.

 Besides many public senior high schools, private senior high schools number no less than 254 in Tokyo. Among these we have some originality and a particular mission in moral training, scientific culture and also international education. Our school is non-sectarian and non-partisan.

 In honor of our Jubilee Memorial of Foundation, the construction work of our Primus Memorial Hall (Gymnasium, Auditorium, Martial Arts Hall, and Smaller Gymnasium) was completed.

 We lay special emphasis on calligraphy and volleyball. In the New Year season of each year, every teacher and student takes part in all-school display of personal works of handwriting with traditional brush and black ink. Our boys’ volleyball team and girls’ volleyball team are both among the strongest in Tokyo. Every year all-school volleyball matches are held for two successive days between various school groups.

School Badge

 The five-angled star has our school’s name and Senior-High lettered within. The star signifies the object of youth’s aspiration. The five angles represent the five virtues stressed in Confucian teaching. They are benevolence, justice, propriety, wisdom, and fidelity.